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Founders’ Letter

Founders’ Letter

We have always believed that technology can power a society into the future, especially when it benefits everyone. Our view of life is built on the Indonesian concept of 'Gotong Royong' which, simply translated, means 'people helping each other'. Ours is a country where neighbors help each other and communities unite, knowing that they can achieve more together.

GoTo in NumbersTechnology for EveryoneIndonesian Market Opportunity

63.8 Million

Annual Transacting Users (ATU)1

17.7 Million


2.7 Million


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Source: RedSeer Industry Report - December 2021

1As of 31 December 2022. Annual transacting users (ATU) refers to the number of users who transacted in the GoTo ecosystem within the last twelve months until the reporting date.

2Registered as of 31 December 2022.

3Based on LPEM FEB UI’s study (2023).

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